Crochet is my life.

I am very excited that I

was able

to buy enough yarn so that I will be able to keep myself busy crocheting 2 full size

afghans and a few



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Filet Crochet Along – Scottish Lion Rampant

Crochet Thread

Welcome crocheters!  Thank you for joining me in this “Crochet Along” project. Filet is one of my favorite types of crochet. The charts are easy to read and extremely versatile whether in thread or yarn. Typically, filet looks best when it’s crocheted tightly with consistent tension so that each square is the same size.

I charted this in blue, as it is easier on the eyes. It’s copied from a photograph of a vintage coaster set constructed using a needle method of decorated net in the point de toile style. If anyone recognizes the pattern, please let me know so I can credit a source.

In heraldry, a Lion Rampant (attacking lion) is a symbol of strength and nobility. It’s shown in the Coat-of-Arms for many families as well as countries, like Scotland. The decorative border contains checkered flowers and an ancient geometric symbol with various meanings including a compass…

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How to Read A Crochet Pattern -1


How to read a Crochet Pattern – 1

(Diagram & Written)

One of the most important tools to learning crochet after learning the stitches is to know the symbols and abbreviations representing each stitch.  In lesson 1, where we learnt, the chain stitch…..I had given you a chart showing the symbol of each stitch that we learnt, and in every lesson following, I have shown you the abbreviation of each stitch…I am sharing that here again.


Crochet Abbreviations:  These are used in written patterns. Almost all vintage patterns are written and it is impt to know these abbreviations if you wish to do some beautiful heritage work. Here is a table of abbreviations:


Annie’s catalog has a very detailed description of how to read a written pattern….here is the link:

How to work this pattern out: This is the diagramtic pattern for a granny square:


As you can see…

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Filet Crochet – Increase/Decrease


Filet Crochet – Increase & Decrease


In our first Lesson on Filet Crochet ..we learnt how to make a filet correct mesh, how to read filet charts, how to make  filet charts and design your own patterns. Here is the link to the first lesson ….in case you missed it..

In the next and last lesson on Filet crochet we learn to shape our  work..For Eg: to give a table cloth a zigzag edging or to give to doily a diamond shape etc….

To shape filet crochet work..we use a technique known as increase or decrease. That means you will increase/decrease by blocks or spaces at the end of a row or at the beginning of a row.

The two pictures above (both from the net) are examples of how you can shape your filet crochet work.

Below is a chart showing you how to increase or decrease filet…

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